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Puppy Training

2 hour In-Home Puppy Training Session covers all the training basics, socialisation education and common puppy issues such as puppy biting, chewing, destructive behaviours, separation anxiety and toilet training.

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Dog Training

Need to polish up on your recall? sit/stay, down/stay, drop/stay just not happening for you? Or you just have no idea how to train a dog and want to know how, no problem! I am more than happy to help you out with these things and more.

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Behavioral Training

We have the solution. Learn how to eliminate barking, aggression, anxiety, jumping up, chewing and more! Get fast, effective results for you and your dog. In the comfort of your own home – 2 hour session.

Puppy Training

The early days of a dog’s life is some of the most integral in terms of their development. Because of this, we highly recommend owners invest the time and effort towards puppy training. Able to positively influence their overall well-being and help them adjust to becoming a part of their new family, these classes are designed to give both you and your new friend confidence and a special bond. Within these sessions, you’ll learn how to handle, train and shape the behaviour of your pup, as well as give them the chance to socialise with others. These elements are critical and will help to ensure your four-legged friend and your family has a smooth and happy life in the future.

Sit, drop and stay.

Come when called.

Walk on loose lead.

Use manners when meeting others.

Potty Training.

Pack Leader Control.

Build a close bond of trust and companionship to benefit you and your dog.

Dog Training

Home Dog training is today’s smart choice for busy families and when the “Dog Trainer” comes to you….well, it’s just SMART!

Tailored to you..we get to see your dog’s environment which allow us to identify potential problems. Home Dog training offers convenience. You relax while we do the driving! Success because training takes place in your own home with minimal distractions! Your family will get unto 2 hours, one on one time with a professional dog trainer with 10 years plus experience to answer all YOUR questions! Having us come to you will take the stress out of what should be an enjoyable time for you and your family.

The first things we will do is discuss with you what problems your having, what behaviours your dog is or refuses to display and from there he can begin to assess the dogs temperament.

No two people are the same and this goes the same for dogs, we don’t have a one size fits all training program, our solutions are tailored to your needs.

The session may include some behaviour modification, an adjustment to the dogs expectations, some remedial training and or teaching of new skills.

Rewarding a dog (reinforcement) increases the dogs desire to repeat the behaviour, most people know this but few can get the relationship working on this premise alone. We have developed loads of cool, fun programs and games that can help you reconnect with your dog and get training moving forwards.

Dog training can cover:

Behavioral Training

In home behavior training is the perfect way to begin your dogs rehabilitation as well as prevent future issues.

Common problems Dog Behaviour Solutions can help you with include:

Working with a dog behaviorist WILL give you all the tools you need for success in transforming your dogs behavior problems.

In home dog behavior modification and training has many advantages over taking the dog to a park for example or even sending them away to be trained at a facility. But what exactly does this mean? Well quite simply it is exactly how it sounds. The reason I’ve been able to successfully help change problematic behaviors like barking, jumping up, pulling on lead and aggression in dogs is in large part due to the approach whereby the humans are trained in their own homes to effectively change or adjust their own behaviors which may be contributing to those in their dogs. From the dogs perspective, the home environment is where they spend the largest proportion of their lives and it is there the most effective contribution to change and rehabilitation will occur because of this.

Of course, dogs are unable to make judgements on their own behaviors, or correct themselves and all of those things we consider to be negative are simply the result of cause and effect, action and reaction, conditioning and response. This is why even though the focus is on the dogs own behavior, the human is ultimately the one who can make the changes and get success.




Because it works! Thousands of desperate owners have come to us for help, often after seeing many dog trainers, behaviorists and vet specialists and after spending thousands of dollars on ineffective obedience or behavior training. With New Puppy Dog Training you will get results! Just check out our reviews.

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