Puppy’s First Night At home


Taking care of a new pet is always a little daunting, but it’s even more so if the pet is a puppy. The first night at home can be especially problematic because there are many variables to consider – how they feel, what they need, etc. To make sure your puppy has the best first night at home possible, there are numerous things you can do.

Assuming your puppy is eight weeks old; you can expect the following on its first night in its new home:

  • They will be excited and want to explore everything
  • They may cry a little bit as they miss their littermates and mother
  • They will need to potty frequently, so take them out often
  • They will probably sleep a lot as they adjust to their new surroundings
  • Offer them a toy or blanket that smells like their mother to help comfort them


Congratulations on bringing your new puppy home! Here are a few tips to make their first night as smooth as possible.

First, create a comfortable space for them to sleep in. This might be a dog bed or kennel in a peaceful room corner. Make it comfortable by adding some fluffy blankets and a toy.

Next, get everything ready for their potty breaks. Have some newspapers or puppy pads in an area you want them to use as their bathroom spot. If it’s cold outside, consider investing in a doggy door so they can go out whenever needed.

Finally, give them plenty of attention and love! They will probably feel a bit scared and overwhelmed in their new surroundings, so take the time to sit with them, pet them, and let them know everything will be okay.


Gathering Necessary Supplies

You’ll need to have a few supplies before your puppy comes home. A crate or dog bed, food and water bowls, toys, leash, and collar are all must-haves. You may also want to invest in training aids like treats or clickers.

Now is also a good time to puppy-proof your home. Move any poisonous plants out of reach and pick up any small objects that could be choking hazards. Put away anything you don’t want your pup to chew on, and make sure all electrical cords are well out of reach.

Preparing the Space

A new dog is exciting to bring home. Here are some tips to make your puppy’s first night at home a successful one:

  1. Choose a quiet room for your puppy to sleep in. This will help them feel safe and secure.
  1. Set up a comfortable bed for your puppy, with plenty of blankets or towels to snuggle into.
  1. Put away any breakable or chewable items from the room to prevent accidents.
  1. Leave a night light on, and close the room door, so your puppy feels snug and secure.
  1. Throughout the night, check on your puppy periodically to ensure they are comfortable and not crying. If they are crying, try soothing them with gentle words and petting.

 Seeing the Puppy’s Basic Needs
The first night your puppy is home can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Here are some guidelines to ensure that your puppy’s first night’s sleep is trouble-free:

  1. Set up a comfortable sleeping area for your puppy. This might be a dog bed or crate in a calm room.
  1. Put out some water and food for your puppy. It’s important to keep their tummies full so they don’t wake up feeling hungry in the middle of the night.
  1. Give your puppy a few toys to keep them occupied. A Kong toy filled with treats is a great option, as it keeps them busy and distracted from potential separation anxiety.
  1. Before bed, take your puppy outside for one last potty break. This will help avoid any accidents during the night.
  1. Most importantly, give your puppy lots of love and attention! They’ll need reassurance that they are safe and loved in their new home.

It’s been a long day for your new puppy. They’ve been taken from their mother and siblings, gotten used to their new surroundings, and now it’s time for bed. You want to ensure they have a good first night so they can start their life with you on the right paw.
Here are some tips for making your puppy’s first night at home as comfortable and stress-free as possible: 

  1. Set up their sleeping area before they arrive. This may be a dog bed or crate in a peaceful room. Put some soft bedding and a toy to help them feel comfortable and safe.
  1. Introduce them to their sleeping area gradually. Let them explore it and get used to it on their terms. Don’t force them in or try to confine them if they seem hesitant.
  1. Make sure they have plenty of food and water before bedtime. A full stomach will help them sleep through the night without needing to potty.
  1. Take them out for a final potty break before bedtime so they don’t have to hold it all night long.
  1. To block out any outside sounds that might wake them up at night, think about playing soothing music or turning on a white noise machine.
  1. The most crucial tip is to stay nearby the first few nights so they know you’re there if they need you.

Check out our tips for making your puppy’s first night at home a success.

Puppies need a lot of sleep, so ensure they have a quiet, comfortable place to sleep. A crate or dog bed in a small room or area away from too much commotion is ideal. You might want to put a comfy blanket or toy in there with them to help them feel secure.

During the first few nights, it’s normal for puppies to whine or cry somewhat as they adjust to their new surroundings. If your pup is having trouble settling in, try offering them a treat or chew toy and speaking in a calm, reassuring voice. If the whining continues, call your veterinarian it could indicate illness or discomfort.

Make sure your puppy has easy access to food and water. A full stomach will help them sleep better through the night (no one likes waking up hungry!). Put their food and water bowls somewhere they can reach them easily but not too close to their sleeping area, as that can create messes.

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