A happy dog is a trained dog and a trained dog is a happy dog…

Private training sessions are scheduled around your needs, in each session, you will work hands-on with one of our trainers, who will guide you through the skills you need to train your dog in a way that matches your preferences, lifestyle, and goals. 

Our one-on-one training is the best option for those owners who love to train their dogs and also have the time and devotion to do daily training sessions.

Every dog has a different learning ability, so additional sessions will be arranged according to their needs. The outcome will be dependent on the dog’s age, how long the problem behaviour has been occurring for, how well the dog owner manages the problem.

Are you frustrated with your dog not listening to you?

Do you wish you had an expert who would listen and help train your dog?

Would you love to fix all the unwanted behaviors like jumping, pulling you down the street and barking too much?


In just 3 sessions of this program, you will go from having a puppy with behavioral problems to a puppy trained to live in different environments and with people, totally calm and willing to follow your commands in a positive way.


Day Training is a great option for busy owners, who don’t have time but like to have well-mannered and well-trained dogs. Day training is where the trainer will train your dog personally.

"Dog training improves our communication with dogs making our bond with them even stronger."

And the earlier the puppy is trained the better and stronger the bond between you will be and the better you will be able to live together at home and in any environment.

Hi!  I’m Ritz, Auckland Dog Trainer,  your premier home dog training specialist.  I am a professional dog trainer with years of experience working with hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes with a whole range of issues from problem barking, jumping up, pulling on lead and more.

Simple and easy process


Schedule initial consultation

This is where your dog training adventure begins!
During an initial consultation, we will gather all the information we need to create and recommend custom program options to help you meet your training goals, consultation can be over the phone, whatsapp or facetime


Your customised training plan

This is when we all roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Whether you and your dog enroll in a basic puppy training or day training, we’ll listen to your needs and lead you and your dog through the training process.


Start seeing results

With your customised training plan and ongoing support from us, you’ll start seeing results and build the strongest possible relationship with your dog. And we’ll be here to support you at every step along the way.

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Savani Gamage
Savani Gamage
Highly recommend!!
Glenn Christie
Glenn Christie
Ritz was very quickly able to gain the complete trust of 4 month old Archie and the training simply began from there. Both my wife and I were extensively involved and received good ways to deal with unfamiliar situations.
Feisy Kerr
Feisy Kerr
Dear Ritz, thank you for such an informative and educational session today. It was amazing how different little Tofu has been all day since. She and we are not perfect yet, there’s still a long way to go, but she is calmer in so many ways and it is gratifying that she is listening to us. Thank you!
Hemin Patel
Hemin Patel
We have recently got a mini dachshund and our puppy was very unsettled. We inquired and got Ritz to come out and help us with some training and we were blown away with how he was able to identify what we needed to do with just asking us a few questions. He took his time and explained the why behind why we do things with the puppy. I can’t thank him enough as we thought were were doing everything correctly but Ritz was kind enough to lead us in the right direction. Thank you very much!
Matthew Conder
Matthew Conder
Ritz is very friendly and knowledgeable and has given us a lot of helpful techniques to help our dog improve on her leash pulling, barking and jumping. We have already started to see some results and would definitely recommend him to others looking for some help with their doggos!
Jess Lee
Jess Lee
Believe Consultant NZ
Believe Consultant NZ